They talk about the association ...

320,000 euros raised during the Légendes du Sport auction

A Mbappé jersey sold for 160,000 euros for the benefit of the association Les Etoiles Filantes

The sponsor of the Martin Fourcade association live on La Chaine l'Equipe

France 3 Region: The preparations for the auction (broadcast on 17/09 - subject to 2'40)

Testimonial: the Podcast La Matrescence with Clémentine Sarlat


We are talking about the association ...

The instant #TLS on France Info

Tribute to Arthur

Capture Fourcade TLS .JPG

The poignant tribute to Kylian Mbappé after the death of little Arthur


The nice wink of Stade 2 to the association

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RMC's heart cry for Les Etoiles Filantes

The moving testimony of Arthur's mom Sandie

by Suruthi SRIKUMAR , February 14, 2020

Focus on the release of lanterns organized by Perrine Laffont, on the occasion of International Child Cancer Day

Par Sandrine Lefèvre

Le 8 février 2020 à 10h27

A nice article on the association in

"Le Parisien"

We are talking about Les Etoiles Filantes on Eurosport !

In the rugby show "Poulain raffûte" by Raphaël Poulain

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January 2020

Les Etoiles Filantes in the show 'M comme Midi' on RFC radio in Lyon.


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