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They talk about the association ...

Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes


Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes


Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes


Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes


Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes


Martin Fourcade et les Etoiles Filantes aux Mondiaux de ski alpin en Italie

Konbini honors Les Etoiles Filantes

Les Etoiles Filantes and his godfather Martin Fourcade in the spotlight in la Maison des Maternelles on France 4

Together is better!

Sequence with Sandie Tourondel, founder of the association Les Etoiles Filantes

FR3 Auvergne Rh Alpes.png

320,000 euros raised during the Légendes du Sport auction

A Mbappé jersey sold for 160,000 euros for the benefit of the association Les Etoiles Filantes

The sponsor of the Martin Fourcade association live on La Chaine l'Equipe

France 3 Region: The preparations for the auction (broadcast on 17/09 - subject to 2'40)

Testimonial: the Podcast La Matrescence with Clémentine Sarlat


We are talking about the association ...

The instant #TLS on France Info

Tribute to Arthur

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instant TLS LOGO.JPG

The poignant tribute to Kylian Mbappé after the death of little Arthur

Le Parisien LOGO.JPG

The nice wink of Stade 2 to the association

Stade 2.png
Capture Stade 2.JPG

RMC's heart cry for Les Etoiles Filantes

The moving testimony of Arthur's mom Sandie

by Suruthi SRIKUMAR , February 14, 2020

Focus on the release of lanterns organized by Perrine Laffont, on the occasion of International Child Cancer Day

Par Sandrine Lefèvre

Le 8 février 2020 à 10h27

A nice article on the association in

"Le Parisien"

We are talking about Les Etoiles Filantes on Eurosport !

In the rugby show "Poulain raffûte" by Raphaël Poulain

By The editorial staff

Updated on 01/28/2020 at 15h09 - Published on 01/28/2020 at 12h43

By The editorial staff

Posted on 25/01/2020 at 20:08

January 2020

Les Etoiles Filantes in the show 'M comme Midi' on RFC radio in Lyon.


Listen to the interview:

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