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Vous avez le don de les faire rêver !

Why donate?

Each of your donations will quickly provide families with the assistance they need in these few months of struggle and give these children the most love and joy possible in achieving their dreams.

In the longer term, they will make it possible to advance research on diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.


We rely on you !*

* If you are an individual, your donations allow you a tax deduction of 66%. For a donation of € 100, the reduction will be € 66, or € 34 of actual expenditure.

If you are a business, 60% of the amount paid will be tax exempt. For a donation of € 100, the tax reduction will be € 60, or an actual expense of € 40.

Guaranteed security

Your online donation is secure

Respect for your privacy

Your personal data is confidential and
protected (GDPR)

Tax optimization

Your donations are tax deductible up to 66% *

You receive a tax receipt which allows you to benefit from it

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